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Our Mission

There are great number of disadvantage individuals and families in many communities, especially in the low income communities where language and economic down-turn presented significant challenges to these individuals and families.  As such, Community Alliance is intended to establish in the low-income communities to serve as a link to connect communities, people and organization together to help and  serve all disadvantage individuals and families in need - regardless of age, race, or education background.


Our Vision

We’re planning to achieve this mission by leverage the community and corporate volunteer resources, food banks, fund raising events and donations.   All net proceeds after operating expenses and reserve will be used to feeds, care for and/or educate the disadvantage individuals and families through various community programs.  We aim to serve all communities and will continue to expand to area where we can connect community, people and organization to make a different.

Our Core Values

  • Leadership by example

  • Build positive team and community spirit

  • Be passionate, determined and results driven

  • Foster personal growth, impact, and excellence

  • Embrace and drive change

  • Pursue growth and learning

  • Promote selflessness, charity and volunteerism

Partner Corner:

CAI was able to achieve greater impact in the community due to strategic partnership and donation from non-profits organization, Foundations, Private Corporation and individuals.  We wouldn’t be able to sustain our programs and services without the help from our partners.


We value our existing partner relationship and constantly seeking to expand our strategic partnership and collaboration in order to strengthen our position, which will allows us to address complex community issues that required a broader network of partners from a diverse background and expertise


Please drop us an email or contact us if you are interested in becoming a Partner.

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